What song is this playing

What song is this playing

What song is this playing

What song is this playing? Let’s know.

Okay, Today after writing several blogs I was just wondering if I could write something extra and Unique.

And you know what? You inspire me to do so.

Your love for us makes us write more good posts every day which helps you by some means or provides you knowledge.

Each member of our team loves you and will always work to help and teach you.

So let’s write something unique today.

What’s the topic?

Guess what topic can it be.

What do we all do when we need some entertainment. Nah! not movies, not even games.

Okay,10 seconds. Time’s up.

I was not sure what name should I choose for this article. Maybe ‘what song is playing‘ or ‘what song was playing‘ or ‘what song is playing right now‘.

Then suddenly something struck my mind and I got an idea. Let’s write about some song recognising apps today.

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Nowadays, we have virtual assistants inbuilt in our phones that can do several works for us. One of the works that they can do is that they can recognise songs by listening. But sometimes we need something more powerful for this work. Sometimes we need some more powerful alternatives. So here we are.

Best song recognising apps:

1. TrackID – Music Recognition (Free)

Image result for trackid music

Download on Google Play

TrackID is a gorgeous app from a remarkable brand ‘Sony’. It has got some great looks to it. This beautiful app can do your work with just a single tap. You can get information about the song almost instantly. This app also lets you share the song on Facebook.

2. Shazam (Free with Ads)

Image result for shazam music

Download on Google Play

No, not the powerful DC character that has the strength of 6 Gods (Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury). But it is a powerful app that is the best of all song identifier apps. This app can recognise the song played near it in some micro seconds. You don’t have to type any lyrics to discover your favourite song now. You just have to download this app.

3. SoundHound Music Search & Play (Free with Ads)

Image result for SoundHound Music Search & Play

Download on Google Play

Will you be shocked if I say that there’s an app that can tell you what song you are humming? Do you say it’s impossible? Not anymore with this app. SoundHound is an extraordinary app that can even identify the song from your humming.

4. Genius – Song Lyrics and more (Free with Ads)

Image result for Genius – Song Lyrics & more

Download on Google Play

You have to just hold your phone towards the music and tap the button. It’s not as good as the Shazam but it does the work.


In my opinion, Shazam wins it. Shazam can practically identify songs more accurately and faster than the other apps in the market. But we would love to know your verdict. Which song identifier do you love the most? Comment below.


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