How to connect bluetooth headphones to laptop
How to connect bluetooth headphones to laptop

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to laptop

Before knowing the process of connecting Bluetooth headphones to laptop or pc we have to understand about Bluetooth and its work process. Here I am to make you understand about it.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is basically a technology for making short distance communication possible. Bluetooth helps devices to transfer data between other devices having Bluetooth enabled or create a short distance network between Bluetooth devices. Some Bluetooth devices can be mobile phones, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, laptops, etc.

History of Bluetooth

Bluetooth was before termed as the short-link radio technology. It was invented by Jaap Haartsen at Ericson Mobile in the 90s. Bluetooth was named after the 10th-century Danish king Harald Bluetooth.

How does Bluetooth work


Bluetooth is a short distance communication technology that works with the help of radio waves instead of any wired connection. In Bluetooth, there is a lead device i.e. the primary device or the master that leads all other devices i.e. the secondary devices or the slave devices to connect.


  1. Turn on your Bluetooth slave i.e. audio device and set it to discoverable mode.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your PC by selecting the Start  > Settings  > Devices  > Bluetooth & other devices  > Bluetooth.
  3. Then discover your Bluetooth headset name and simply connect to it.

Some Top Bluetooth Headphones:

1.Bose SoundSport Wireless

2.Apple AirPods

3.Sony WH-1000XM3


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