If you are struggling to pass another exam or failed an important test – cheat pencil is something you were looking for! Cheating devices are easy to use and undetectable by teachers. A student can easily increase his or her grades with the help of exam cheat device.



Exam cheating pens are generally those cheating pens that are used by students in their exams. Only those low-grade students understand how useful these devices actually are. A revolutionary way to improve your exam/interview results. Exam cheating pen contains a well-designed plastic sleeve to cover up to page A4 written in font size twelve and reduced to size four!! Exam cheating pen is of multiple uses, you can change your notes and colours of refills.


How to make CHEATING PEN

Tape notes along with your pencil. Small notes will be appendant on to the pencil you’re victimisation on the check to assist you with queries you recognize are on the check. Write the notes down on a skinny strip of paper and canopy the complete strip with a transparent piece of tape. Wrap the strip around the pencil from high to bottom. All you have got to try to to to scan the note is flip the pencil!

Write or etch notes onto a wooden pencil. Wooden pencils will accept certain kinds of ink along their body, allowing you to write simple short notes, such as dates or equations. Use a pen to write these notes down and allow the ink to dry so that it is not easily smeared away by your hand. You may also use a small paper clip or other sharp items to etch notes into the wood of the pencil.

Similar to taping information to the pencil itself, notes can be written on a small strip of paper and placed along the inside of a mechanical pencil. An advantage to layering the strip along the inside of the mechanical pencil is the natural camouflage the mechanical pencil provides. Note that this will only work with translucent mechanical pencils.

Cheating Pen Price

cheating pen price

1.  Cheat Pen for Exams, Tests or Notes

Price- 2,265.00

  • Revolutionary way to improve your exam/interview results
  • CHEAT PEN contains a smartly designed plastic sleeve to hide up to half page A4 written in font size 12 and reduced to size 4
  • CHEAT PEN is of multiple use, you can change your notes and colors of refills
  • CHEAT NOTE PEN can contain note in size up to 6 x 3 cm (2.35 x 1.2 inch)





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