Best Washing Machines in India

Best Washing Machines in India

Nowadays, if you search for anything online or offline you will have thousands of options.  For example: If you search for Best Washing Machine in India, you will get washing machines from LG, Samsung, Whirlpool and many other brands. Apart from brands, you will get washing machines of several types like best washing machine fully automatic, double-door, semi-automatic, etc.

Getting so many options has its own pros and cons. Firstly, you get to choose the one that fits your needs. And secondly, you are not able to find the one that best suits you.

Do you agree with me??

And when you are in such a confusion, you need an expert who can recommend you the best one after researching and reviewing all the products in the market.

So this article is for you if you are searching f0r the best washing machine which fits all your needs then you are in the right place. Below is our list of final recommendations for you:

1. Samsung 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WW70J4263JS/TL)

Best Washing Machines in India

Best Washing Machines in India

After reviewing several washing machines, we have our concluding number one. We love you and we value your money. And so, we have done some work for you so that you can get the best value for your money. Are you surprised? We are surprised too. Yes, it is Samsung that is leading the list of Best Washing Machine. The Samsung WW70J4263JS/TL stood out as the best one for us. It is a Fully-automatic front-loading washing machine and has a capacity of 7kg for handling all your clothes at once. Having a spin speed of 700 RPM it gives an amazingly fast drying time.

Due to having the inverter motor, a very innovative technology this washing machine is very power efficient and also produces less noise. It has an inbuilt heater with which it becomes capable of doing hot water washing although this feature consumes more power but gives a happy wash to your clothes. The diamond drum will make your clothes smile at you as it gives a comfortable and very gentle treatment. Overall, this washing machine from Samsung is a great buy and will give you a very good value for your money.

Overall Rating: 4.7/5


  • Energy efficient due to Inverter Motor
  • 10 years warranty from Samsung
  • Newest features and easy to use
  • Good voltage protections


  • RPM is lower than other washing machines in the market
  • Traditional mechanics face difficulties while fixing it
  • No feature to handle low water pressure

If this is not what satisfies your criteria, read more to discover some more awesome options.

2. Bosch Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine Model: WAK24264IN (7 kg)

Image result for WAK24264IN

Best Washing Machines in IndiaThe new WAK24264IN from Bosch is the upgrade to the WAK24168IN model and also a new jewel added to the WAK lineup. The older model has been one of the top-selling washing machines in the market and so, with more features and newer technologies the new WAK24264IN will not be behind in ruling the market of washing machines. Moreover, lots of the features still remain the same but BOSCH has added some advanced features and a better design this time to make their Indian customers happy. This washing machine has 7 kg of maximum capacity and an RPM that goes up to 1200 max. The different wash programs for different types of clothes is one of the best features of this machine. More advanced features like monsoon program, anti-vibration, and self-controllable temperature setting have made this washing machine a complete package for all needs.

Now, let’s talk about the features that can really woo you!

Best Washing Machines in India

Bosch WAK2624IN has several different wash programs for different needs. This feature comes into need when you have clothes in different variety of materials. All cloth materials and fibers cannot bear very hot temperature and all of them don’t wash well at very low temperature. Therefore, the different wash programs are helpful for different types of clothes for perfect cleaning.

Some more features are:
  • Temperature manipulation from cold to hot (goes maximum to 60 degree Celsius).
  •  Kids wear mode gives a soft wash to delicate kids wears.
  •  Super clean program for heavy cleaning without any damage to fabrics.
  •  Super 15/30 mode for a quick 15 or 30-minute wash.
  • Allergy Plus for cleaning up all the detergent residues that often cause allergies.
  •  There are several other settings for different purposes like Active Water, Speed Perfect, WaterPlus, VoltCheck, Time delay, etc.
Overall rating: 4.5/5


  • Anti-vibration design
  • Big brand but at a low price
  • 2-year machine and 10 years drum warranty
  • Excellent safety features


  • Minimum 7 to 9-liter water needed for a proper wash
  • Complaints about installation delay
  • Installation needs time

3. IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Senorita Aqua SX)

Best Washing Machines in India

Best Washing Machines in IndiaIFB has made a very good reputation in the Indian market with its awesome washing machines and other products that have advanced futures at very reasonable prices. With 6.5 kg of wash capacity and an RPM that goes up to 1000 max, the Senorita Aqua SX model is a beauty with beast.

Now, let’s get into the features it possesses:
  • The 3D washing system produces a current in the drum that runs 360 degrees. This current helps in dissolving detergents and also cleaning up all the detergent residues.
  • Aqua-Energie filter reduces water hardness.
  • Temperature control from cold to a maximum of 96 degree Celsius.
  • Laundry add feature
  • Other wash programs like Express 15, Baby Wear, Wool, Cradle wash, Mixed fabrics, etc. are also present.
  • Express 15 gives a quick 15 minutes wash.
  • Time delay feature- you can set from 30 minutes to 24 hours.
Overall rating: 4.3/5

This washing machine is a great buy for you but we still recommend Bosch over IFB because of consisting more important features and safety aspects. But one better aspect of IFB is that it handles hard water better so if you get hard water supply, go for IFB. In this list of Best Washing Machines in India, we haven’t taken any sponsorship. We have only tried to help the consumers to choose the best option. 

Best Washing Machines in India


  • Similar features like Bosch WAK24268IN
  • 3D washing system
  • Hot temperature up to 90 degrees
  • Better hard water handling


  • Installation delay
  • Still belt drive technology

4. Haier 5.8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (HWM58-020)

Image result for HWM58-020

Best Washing Machines in India

The reason that we have included the Haier HWM58-020 washing machine in our list of Best Washing Machines in India is that it is one of the best selling washing machines in India. Although it doesn’t stand near to the first washing machine of this list, it still succeeds to give a competition with its own golden features.

This washing machine is best suitable for a small family or bachelors. It features a plastic body that will stay free from rust forever and also lessens its weight a lot.

Some important features:
  • It has a capacity of 5.8 kg and an RPM of 1000 max.
  • HWM58-020 uses a feature named quadra flow system for giving efficient cleaning.
  • The memory function system can resume from where it has shut down in case of electricity failure.
  •  Two lint filters improve fabric quality and cause less damage to the clothes.
  • It has got a delay timer from 30 minutes to 24 hours.
  •  Some more features like double level spin tub and child lock are also present.

While making this list we have come to know that all the Best Washing Machines in India sport similar features. But the fact that differentiates them is the features that they lack and also if the features they possess are really useful in real lives.

The Haier HWM58-020 has some great wash programs for fabrics like cotton and synthetics and also for some important scenarios it has eco, prewash, daily wash, quick wash, etc.

Overall rating: 3.9/5


  • A decent washing machine at a low price
  • Best for bachelor and small families
  • It has some awesome useful features
  • Memory function


  • Has no temperature settings
  • No softener dispenser
  • Lacking motor to release the wastewater
  • Delay in installation

5. Samsung 6.2 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine WA62M4100HY/TL

best washing machine India

Best Washing Machines in India

Another Samsung alert here. Yeah, Samsung is ruling this list by 2:1 to other brands. The Samsung WA62M4100HY/TL is a top load washing machine which has 6.2 kg of drum capacity and a maximum RPM of 700. A built-in sink that lets water in at just a push of one button and pre-heating ability for dirty clothes are two most important features of this machine. 

Some more features are:
  •  Samsung provides pulsator technology that has 6 blades for a powerful stream
  • Five water level settings and six wash cycles
  • The different wash cycles are normal, delicates, jeans, soak+normal, blankets and quick wash
  • Slot for detergent and softener

Overall rating: 4/5


  • Built-in sink
  • Powerful water stream
  • Slot for detergent and softener
  • Fully Automatic


  • Lack of temperature settings
  • No safety lock

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Top Load or Front Load?


Generally, top load washing machines are cheaper than the front load washing machines. So, if you have a low budget then you must not look for a low-quality front load washing machine. Instead, just go for a top load one. Similarly, if you have a good budget you should straight forward go for a top load washing machine because with a little more expensive, you can get a lot more than a front load washing machine. And one more thing to note is that front load washing machines need a water pressure of 1 bar to work properly.

Front Load Washing Machine:


  • Less noise
  • Power efficient
  • Less waste of water
  • Saves detergent
  • Higher RPM


  • Expensive
  • Less capacity
  • Wash time is longer

Top Load Washing Machine:


  • Less expensive
  • More capacity
  • Wash time is faster


  • More noise
  • Less power and water efficient
  • Does not save detergent

Hard Water and Soft Water (What’s the difference?)

The water that contains a good quantity of minerals like magnesium, calcium, etc. is hard water. Rainwater is generally soft as it does not contain the minerals in it, but as it falls on the ground it acquires the minerals while flowing through the river and streams. Since hard water is rich in minerals that our body needs, it is healthy to drink hard water.

But the hard water is not much suitable for household works. Due to containing the minerals, the clothes washed in hard look dingy and the kitchen items often get spots. That is why hard water is boiled to soften so that it can be used for all the household works.



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