Best Antivirus of 2019 for PC

Best Antivirus of 2019 for PC– Hi Guys if You Don’t Know about Best antivirus of 2019 for pc, and You are searching for Best antivirus of 2019 for your PC  to Protect your PC from Virus, Then You are at the Right Place.

Today here I’m Going to share some Best antivirus of 2019 for You guys. so that by this “Best antivirus of 2019 for your PC”  it will help you to Protect your PC from Virus, and I can beat with you that you never get all this Best antivirus of 2019 on the internet.

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Antivirus also is known as anti-malware is a computer program that protects computers from malware like viruses, computer worms, spyware, botnets, rootkits, keyloggers, etc. Antiviruses needs to be updated because it updates the virus definition and hence helps to fight against the new viruses and vulnerabilities that are created every day by many hackers.

Best Antivirus

Best Antivirus of 2019 for Your PC

1. Avira Antivirus

Avira Antivirus - Best antivirus of 2019

PROS / Avira Free Security Suite has more security than many premium antivirus programs.

CONS / Since it is a free program, Avira displays a lot of pop-up ads, which affects computer speeds.

 VERDICT / Avira Antivirus Pro is good at accurately preventing malware attacks and recognizing the difference between an internet threat and a legitimate website without causing any lag to your computer. Avira Free Security Suite is good at preventing malware attacks and provides several additional security features, like a VPN and system vulnerability detection, without requiring you pay for them.

Avira Free Security Suite is our choice for the best antivirus of 2019 for PC. It did better detecting and blocking malware than other free antivirus programs we tested, catching 98 percent of all threats. The browser extension in Firefox is automatically enabled once the antivirus program is installed, but you do have to enable the extension in Chrome on your own.

  1. Spyware and ads removal
  2. Phishing protection
  3. Banking and online shopping security
  4. Great access to customer support
  5. Device and home network scanning
  6. Malware removal

2.Kaspersky Total Security 2019

Kaspersky Total Security 2019 - Best antivirus of 2019

    • PROS

      Protection for PC, Mac, Android, managed online. Top marks from antivirus testing labs. Excellent antiphishing. Full-featured parental control, firewall, and backup (PC only).
  • CONS

    Mac suite limited compared to PC. iOS protection limited to password management and safe browsing. Pricey compared with the competition.

The antivirus giant Kaspersky has also already announced its upcoming antivirus for the year 2019. With some great new upgraded security patches, it will be one of the best antiviruses in the year 2019.

Basic options available in this antivirus are- Scan, Database Update, Safe Money, Password Manager, Privacy Protection, Backup and Restore Parental Control, and My Kaspersky.

There’s also an option to manually add other sites if you’d prefer to use them with Protected Browser.

3. Avast Antivirus

Avast - Best antivirus of 2019
Avast Antivirus is a family of internet security applications developed by Avast for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. The Avast Antivirus products include free and proprietary versions that provide computer security, browser security, antivirus software, firewall, anti-phishing, anti-spyware, and anti-spam among other services.

Avast has already launched its 2019 lineup with several new upgrades. The free avast antivirus 2019 has newly got anti-phishing protection which was before available in paid versions only. The company claims that the Anti-Phishing is now better and more accurate than the previous versions.

The new Ransomware shield in the paid versions is also a great feature to have. Its designed to protect the device from ransomware which is a type of malware that can lock documents, files, and folders which then requires you to pay some money to the hacker for unlocking the files.

Final Words

So Guys This is my own collection of  Best antivirus of 2019 for pc, I hope You find Our Article helpful for you, please do share and comment your thought about this all Best antivirus of 2019. Thank You!

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